Traditional FTP Access to the ARL:UT FTP server

You may use command line ftp clients on UNIX, Linux and Windows systems to anonymously access the Secure File Server.
On the command line, just type in:


and login using the username: 'anonymous' with your email address as the password.

Our server supports 'sftp', which is required for any non-anonymous access.
If you need an sftp client here are some you might consider using:

Things you'll need to know when you configure your client:

System name
Port 22
User Name [your assigned UserID]
Password [your password]
Home Directory In most instances you may accept the default with no ill effects, the server will drop you into the appropriate directory

PLEASE NOTE: Any software packages listed here are listed expressly for the convenience of employees and sponsors of ARL:UT. A listing on this page is not an endorsement of a software product by ARL:UT or any of its employees or sponsors.